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Having to move heavy furniture often puts tons of pressure on human bodies. Unless carefully planned, weeks or months of back pain can be in the near future. But don’t here to suffer alone. Let us walk you through how pros do it every day.

To begin, let us assume that you have completed planning your move and hired a moving company. Before beginning, make sure they have all of your moving tools and equipment ready and waiting. Heavy furniture is usually packed with bolts, nuts, screws and nails. Take a tape measure to the top of all of these items and measure their length. Ideally you will want to pack everything tightly but still allow some space for movement.

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Your next step should be to remove all heavy furniture from the current location of the current occupants. If moving, professional movers will provide this service as well. Remove boxes, crates, and other large items from the bedroom and living areas of your new home. These items should be left in their current location until the movers arrive with their moving equipment.

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When moving heavy furniture, you should pay careful attention to how you are lifting heavy furniture. Do not try to lift the item while it is sitting on the floor or any low area because it could tip over and cause damage to the truck or the items inside. Always make sure that you are sitting on the moving truck itself and not on the items that you are lifting. For example, if you are putting a sofa into a moving truck, make sure that you are sitting on the sofa. Otherwise, you could spill the sofa over and possibly destroy it.

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Some people feel that they need the help of a professional mover when packing heavy furniture but they don’t always realize how important it is to have the proper tools. Before moving day arrives, gather up all of your packing supplies. Make sure that you have plenty of tape and packaging tape and extra heavy-duty tape for unexpected spills.

Best One Piece Moves in Kingston, Canada

Make sure that you use all of your tape and packing tape when packing your heavy furniture. There is nothing worse than finding out that you did not pack your moving heavy furniture correctly and that you have to spend time trying to straighten or move the items. Professional movers understand how important this can be and usually provide you with special moving boxes just for this purpose. It is usually a good idea to double bag your boxes so that you know which items are where before the movers begin their job.

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