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Furniture assembly is often times seen as synonymous with the shop. The shop is the hub of activity in almost any furniture making venture, and for good reason. It is the hub of activity for everything from wood turning to cookie cutter furniture creation. The shop is also home to many hours of potentially dangerous labor, which is typically the realm of those who specialize in a specific craft or trade. While the common cold and flu may be worrying at times, a trip to the local home improvement center can bring back memories of childhood nightmares, and a taste of what it was like to assemble furniture.

In fact, it is possible to assemble furniture and make the whole house more functional. This is done by turning a wardrobe into a bed, or converting a dresser into a desk. There are also plenty of ways to reuse pieces that have been damaged in bad weather, or that are otherwise mismatched. A few simple screwdrivers and a little patience can make a dresser into a desk or turn a bedroom dresser into a night stand.

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The first step to take when you are trying to make a dresser or a desk into something else is to remove the frame. Most dressers and desks are made of heavy wood or metal, which means that unscrewing the legs and hinges is often times the only part of the job that requires a bit of strength. If the wood is more than a few hundred years old, you will probably need to take it to a local restoration specialist for a professional cleaning and refinishing job. Make sure to clean all surfaces with a disinfectant before moving on to the next step. If the damage is simply cosmetic, you can clean it with rubbing alcohol and a coat of primer on the stain. It is then ready to re-attach the legs and attach hinges, if needed.

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Mark the hinges and the legs at proper distances, if necessary. You may need to get a friend to help you mark the distances, since you are going to want to make certain that your measurements are correct. Take the legs and the hinges and put together the proper parts. If there is rust on the hinges or the legs, simply remove the rust and put the pieces back together.

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Hinges should be fastened tightly to avoid having them come loose while you are working. Some furniture makers recommend using strong cable ties, although others will recommend using nails. Nails can keep the hinges tightly in place and make the dresser or desk look more finished. When it comes to desks, you will have to make sure that the keyboard and the monitor to sit very close to the surface, without creating a glare.

Best Furniture Assembly in Cornwall, Canada

After checking that all the parts are screwed tightly to each other, you can attach the dresser to the frame. The legs will slide underneath the desk and then the dresser will rest on the floor or on a stand. All you have left is to attach the arms to the sides of the dresser. If your monitor is the main display device for your computer system, you may need to assemble the CPU to make it fit.

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