Our ethos has always been, giving people the best moving experience possible without breaking the bank. We can of course handle each and every aspect of your move, from packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking and even small home repairs. But if you’re on a tight budget or just would rather spend your hard earned money on something other than movers there are tons of ways you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in most cases.

Blanket + Shrink Wrap Drop Off 

Our exclusive blanket + shrink wrap drop off service is one of the reasons Cheap Movers Ottawa is one of Ontario’s most recommended and highest rated moving companies! 

To properly protect your furniture during the moving process, moving companies use heavy blankets and shrink wrap over any piece of furniture that can be scratched or damaged easily. Wrapping dozens of pieces of furniture takes time, but is quite easy to do. 

We drop off blankets, shrink wrap and tape prior to the moving date so you can wrap up your own furniture! This can often save between $50-$200 on small moves and sometimes over a thousand dollars on a large home or office relocation’s!

Take Apart Bed Frames + Add Mattress Bags

Taking apart your own bed frames only takes 10-15 minutes and putting it back together takes an extra 10-15 minutes. If you have 2 or more beds that time can add up!

Often people pay $50-$150 in extra time for their movers just to disassemble and reassemble their bed frames!

We can provide you with the tools you need to take them apart yourself on the move day or with our blanket drop off service. We can also drop off mattress bags, which if you put them on yourself can save even more time!

Make Sure Boxes Are Easily Accessible For The Movers

Movers almost always take boxes first and stack them at the back of the truck. It can take a lot of extra time and effort if the movers have to dig through furniture and move through hard to access places to get at the boxes since they need to go before any furniture. 

Before the movers arrive, just make sure all the medium to large sized boxes are either easily accessible so they can grab and go or to save even more time have them stacked in rows 4 or 5 high so they can dolly them quickly! 

Try And Make As Little “Small Stuff” As Possible

Miscellaneous small things take a lot of time to move! They’re hard to dolly, take a-lot of trips back and forth, are hard to pack into the truck and just generally take a lot more time. Try and get some extra boxes and pack the small stuff in them rather than leaving them separate. Long items such as rakes, ski’s, poles, brooms etc… can be taped all together to create one larger item to move rather than several small ones. 

All the small items add up, so the less trips to the truck the less money you’ll pay! A few odd shaped items in a big box is much better than leaving them by themselves.

Other Things To Do To Save Money!
  1. Take any wall mounted T.V’s off the wall. (They have lots of bolts that can take time)
  2. Take the legs off of your couches and large chairs if you live in a condo or area with tight access
  3.  Take delicate pictures off the wall and wrap them together 
  4. Take the legs off of your dining table or any others if access is tight
  5. Mark boxes on 3 sides so the movers know exactly where they’re going without asking
  6. Take very delicate electronics in your car or box them up very securely (don’t leave them unpacked)
  7. Make sure elevators are booked off if you live in a condo
  8. Put cones out the night before to secure a good parking spot (trucks need an extra 8 feet for the tail gate)
  9. Taking off doors in tight places can save a lot of time if lots of items are going through it
  10. Move on weekends, in the evening or during non peak traffic times


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